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NeatUpload fails to function on IIS


I've made an extremely bare bones ASP application containing no more code than is required to upload a file, that code coming from the manual. When I run this application locally, I can upload perfectly, with progress, the whole nine yards. However, when I deploy the application in IIS 7, it stops functioning. When I begin uploading a file, I get progress, and if I view the temp directory whilst it's uploading, I can see the upload slowly being built, and after it's fully uploaded the file is deleted. But, when I go to the directory the file should have been moved to it's empty. Furthermore, in the application, the progress bar never says "Complete" when it's finished, it just goes back to being empty.

But the issue doesn't stop there. I tried adding debug statements that change the content of a text label so I could better understand what was going on, but the labels never change. Even when they're the first logic to be completed when the submit button is clicked, outside of any branch selection, the text stays the same.

After all that I followed the instructions in the manual and removed the modules from the web.config to see how it would affect the application. After doing so, the text label was changed as expected by the debug statements. At this point I'm completely stumped as to what the issue is and how to fix it.

Attached is the application I've been working with.

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