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custom javascript on page breaks postback after upload

Jun 14, 2011 at 7:31 AM

I tried contacting Dean about this, and he forwarded me to this tracker. So this is the question:


I'm required to disable all buttons on screen when the upload starts, however the jquery scripting I use to do this seems to cancel out the postback that was originally performed by the Trigger button.
let me sketch the situation:
- I use asp controls only so I disabled flash.
- I have a progressbar inline to display progress
- I have a Trigger button that starts the upload
now I tried several approaches but they all seemed to break the upload: the method for the button click wasn't fired anymore, thus no file handling can take place...
- tried hooking into the click event of the trigger button -> no postback
- tried using the OnClientClick event of the trigger button -> no postback
as far as I know I'm using the latest version of your library in combination with .net 4 and
can anyone help me?

Jun 23, 2011 at 5:43 AM

Hi JWilms,

I do not have a solution but I do face the same problem relating to postback with NeatUpload's latest version.

In my case, I used SqlServerFileUploader to stream my file directly into the DB.  However, I get no postback if the the time it takes to stream the file takes longer than 5 seconds...

You can view my post at: "SqlServerUploadStorageProvider won't trigger OnClick event handler"

I spent so many hours on NeatUpload and can't get it to work....