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The uploaded file is not found on the path as mentioned from stagging.

Mar 2, 2011 at 5:14 PM


I have used netuplaod latest dll to upload the file using a web application that is running on II7. The problem that i am facing is if i am adding UploadHttpModule under <system.webserver><modules> section  in web.config and if i am executing the site on the stagging machine (connnected remotely) then the file is found on the desired path but if i am executing the site from my machine then the file uplaoded is not found on that path although the progress bar shows successfully for upload.

But if i removed the key then it is working fine from both remote machine and my machine i.e if i run thesite uploaded on stagging from my machine then the uploded file is found on the desired loaction.

Why such thing is happening i am not understanding. I want to show the progress bar too so how can i solve this issue.