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Can't multifile select when I upload to server

Feb 13, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Hi, please help.

I donwloaded NeatUpload 1-3-26 and correctyl installed on my website on my computer (localhost). Everyting worked fine, the control displayed "Pick file" button and I could easy select multiple files and upload it. 

The problem arrived when I moved my application on server of my hosting provider.  On that enviroment NeatUpload did not want to show "Pick file" button, but instead regular "Browse" button with wich I can select only 1 file. 

As I read in manual and this forum, the "Pick file" button comes from flash, and when flash player is not installed then NeatUpload shows regular browse button. (I have set UseFlashIfAvailable="True") But how is it possible not to display flash when I go to server url, and localy (localhost) everyting works fine with SAME BROWSER! The result is the same for other browsers (firefox, IE).

Maybe the NeatUpload on server can't find the swf file?? How to check this? I have uploaded folder "NeatUpload" in root of my application.

This is 4.0 app, running on IIS 7.5.

Please help.